Thanks to the InfoChachkie blog for introducing this 3-minute video:

High-tech marketing guru Richard St. John…invested the necessary time to ensure that his 2006 talk at the TED Conference was succinct and highly impactful. Over a seven-year period, he interviewed over 500 very successful people in order to answer this question posed to him by a high school student: “What leads to success?”

It’s a nice model and a clever presentation. InfoChachkie adds:

It is not the presence of one, two or even a few of these traits which will lead to success. Rather, it is the combination of all these factors, consistently executed in concert over an extended period, which leads to personal and professional success.

To which I would add that most entrepreneurial successes have far more to do with St. John’s simple model than with genius, a revolutionary idea, or a brilliant business plan.

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