Dave Lash on June 25th, 2013

The Promise Neighborhoods Institute at PolicyLink has just released the first segment of their report, a resource guide for Promise Neighborhoods. This is Part I, a results-based framework to work with this population; future sections will offer programmatic and policy solutions.


Dave Lash on June 25th, 2013


offline glassAnother in the keys to innovation series: how to stop the infernal texting and cell phoning in restaurants and bars? Here’s one solution:  [1.5 minute video]

Reminds me of the old door-stop jokes…

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IHI_thumbnailThere is simply no equivalent in K-12 education for what IHI has accomplished in health care — systematizing innovation through R&D partnerships with practitioner organizations.

Knowledge Alliance took notice. This is SVP Penny Carver’s slide stack at the Carnegie / Knowledge Alliance Working Meeting on January 20th.

Dave on February 6th, 2010

Margaret Fuller: An American Romantic Life: Volume II: The Public Years (Margaret Fuller: An American Romantic Life #2)

Charles Capper

jam-packed with dramatic, ironic, and occasionally tragic turns, this terrific biography captures the tale of 1 of America's so much awesome figures, generating without delay the simplest lifetime of Fuller ever written, and one of many nice biographies in American history. In quantity II, Charles Capper illuminates Fuller's "public years," concentrating on her struggles to set up her identification as an influential highbrow girl within the Romantic Age. He brings to existence Fuller's dramatic mix of inward struggles, intimate social life, and deep engagements with the pursuits of her time. He describes how Fuller struggled to reconcile excessive avant-garde cultural beliefs and Romantic serious equipment with democratic social and political commitments, and the way she strove to articulate a sophisticated imaginative and prescient for her nation's tradition and politics. Capper additionally deals clean and sometimes startlingly new remedies of Fuller's friendships with Ralph Waldo Emerson, Thomas Carlyle, and Giuseppe Mazzini, as well as many others.

After p. 175In quantity 2 of his biography Capper overlooked Fuller's 3rd cycle of critical significant depression, with psychotic features, that stumbled on that pitiable person in 1840-1. this isn't to claim that he did not insert comparable charges and excerpts from Fuller's magazine and letters in addition to the observations of different persons, Emerson, so much notably. He did, of course. in a different way we'd don't know that it occurred. He additionally overlooked the occasions in Fuller's internal lifestyles that resulted in the answer of no matter what conflicts had propelled those cycles/episodes within the first place. He notes the finishing of this final cycle, and gives the suitable costs of the "serenity" that Fuller skilled after a interval of restoration - and for the rest of her brief life. yet he does not discover this occasion of valuable significance in Fuller's biography. now not that she would not have carried on even in the course of carrying on with cycles of melancholy Margaret Fuller: An American Romantic Life: Volume II: The Public Years (Margaret Fuller: An American Romantic Life #2) and restoration - she had within the past. yet after 1840-41 she may well continue with out interruption - and the torture of serious significant depression. i have witnessed restoration of this kind. So i do know it could ensue between quite intelligent, introspective and self-honest persons, who make a decision that no matter what plagues them is just "not worth" the pain, and there's a honest letting move of no matter what it truly is (in a second while lifestyles and dying truly hangs within the balance), and the tortured self enters upon an internal life, less liable to depressive cycles than heretofore and to depression, while it occurs, less critical and of a lot shorter duration, even more in the diversity of normal, than in past years.Capper experiences all of those events, yet he does not manage this fabric right into a narrative of its personal and to combine this narrative right into a greater account of Fuller's life.My reading, so far, is that Fuller needed to stringently compartment her existence that allows you to Margaret Fuller: An American Romantic Life: Volume II: The Public Years (Margaret Fuller: An American Romantic Life #2) focus on depression. She turns out to have tested very robust limitations between those compartments, of which, via my count, there have been four: (1) her highbrow existence - public and private, (2) her tormented, then no longer so tormented, emotional Margaret Fuller: An American Romantic Life: Volume II: The Public Years (Margaret Fuller: An American Romantic Life #2) life, (3) her lifestyles as a member of a nuclear family, first her kinfolk of foundation after which the kinfolk she confirmed with a husband and baby of he own, and (4) her social lifestyles that concerned relationships with masses, actually hundreds, of associates and acquaintances. So i'm hoping to learn a biography of Fuller - at some point - that (1) takes Fuller's abuse in childbood and the ensuing melancholy as some degree of departure, (2) lines her improvement of a compartmented lifestyles that sequestered her depression, because it were, and allowed her to strengthen her presents in different domain names of life, (3) delineates the interactions between those domains, (4) follows her improvement in every one area of her existence (and their evolving interactions) as long as her melancholy resulted in disabling breaks, (5) describes how this coping mechanism and protection of self replaced as soon as the unique reason behind this actual association of her lifestyles disappeared - or turned less robust in her existence - and (6) eventually her improvement of a brand new association of self and lifestyles after melancholy misplaced its power. in this final phase, i am not so certain simply because i have merely learn via web page a hundred seventy five - with 375 pages but to read.I do respect Capper's paintings significantly and sincerely. with out the made from his many years of labor, none people might have the insights into Fuller that we now have, and he or she couldn't declare the indelible presence in our minds that she now possesses.After p. 200.It turns out Margaret Fuller: An American Romantic Life: Volume II: The Public Years (Margaret Fuller: An American Romantic Life #2) to me destiny biographer of Fuller element the restoration method that her depressive breaks. Fuller's self was once remarkably imaginative and tenacious in protecting itself even whereas the booths that she had confirmed to sequester/segregate melancholy collapsed (temporarily) in the course of a break. In these periods - as Capper records abundantly, Fuller's self escaped from a compartmented life altogether right into a mystical/transcendent realm. Margaret Fuller: An American Romantic Life: Volume II: The Public Years (Margaret Fuller: An American Romantic Life #2) The facts contains the varied statements she recorded of her having "touched the key of the universe" and thereby got "talismanic powers" and comparable descriptions of her super-human powers, which revived in her from time to time. They did, as Capper describes, and their revival coincided together with her sessions of restoration from depressive states. Her episode of 1840-41 (following the Sam Ward kerfuffle) preceded months within which she claimed in her magazine to own particular powers over different minds, whom she may perhaps manipulate/control at will. a few she could, Caroline Sturgis, for instance - yet simply as long as Carolyn, an impulsive and terribly prosperous woman, stumbled on it a laugh to take part in Fuller's performance. After p. 300I relatively needs to positioned Margaret Fuller apart for a bit. After 900-1000 pages of the Divine leave out M. - i Margaret Fuller: An American Romantic Life: Volume II: The Public Years (Margaret Fuller: An American Romantic Life #2) will not take it anymore, as in "Back off, Peggy, and lighten up!" - for a while. yet ahead of I forget, i need Margaret Fuller: An American Romantic Life: Volume II: The Public Years (Margaret Fuller: An American Romantic Life #2) to make observe of numerous very fascinating statements of Fuller and Capper that let us to shape a tentative feel of the ultimate phase of the trajectory of her internal life.On p 208, Capper writes: "These new tools of emancipating our wills and constructing our individuality .... may well in the future be applied, she said, to rework the "government of families, schools, and States." ... ""the freeing chances of the recent ethical treatments." The specifics of those tools do not matter. what's vital is that once she had recovered from the Sam Ward-Anna Barker affair in 1840-41, in the course of which, by means of a few miracle, she evicted Timothy Fuller from her psychological house - no longer entirely, as we will see, yet almost, she had in reality skilled emancipation and liberation - of the main visceral sort. At that time she not had to dedicate quite a bit strength to gazing herself, explaining herself to herself, keeping emotional barriers and booths that sequestered her melancholy till her subsequent break, etc. Then, whilst she all started her occupation in journalism - she might commit that strength to her social, economic, political feedback as she grew to become increasingly more progressive, because it were, writing to foster the emancipation, liberation, social/spiritual/intellectual improvement of others - and that i suggest all and sundry, everybody. (Think 'Woman within the 19th Century.') Later in her lifestyles she turned a confident socialist and a powerful recommend of violent democratic revolution (in Italy 1848-49) and so on. So this all makes ideal feel - freed from melancholy - or dwelling with manageable, general melancholy - dwelling her personal life, from the interior out, writing from the interior out.This isn't to claim that she was once totally freed from sure pathological vulnerabilities. there has been the childish grandiosity to take care of at times - or maybe it was once only a undesirable habit. So for example, we learn an excerpt from a letter to James Nathan dated four may well 1844/5 (Capper is absolutely lax in putting dates in his text): (p. 208) "There are ... in all ages a couple of individuals in whose lot the which means of that age is concentrated. i believe that i'm a type of individuals in my age and sex. i think selected between women. i've got deep mystic emotions in myself and intimations from elsewhere." At these time she turns out to have thought of herself a minor deity. OK. good - there has been a explanation for that specific episode of regression.She wrote that at a time whilst she had built what should have been a truly dysfunctional dating with a truly prosperous stockbroker, James Nathan, a cad, really, who was once mildly abusive. a number of fees make this point. On p. 221 - Fuller: "I do not know that any phrases out of your mouth gave me extra pleasure, an odd type of pleasure, that these, 'You has to be a fool, little girl.' " unusual indeed. and there is more."My feeling with you used to be so delightful; it was once a sense of childhood." And yet another (p. 238): " 'Why, why, do you have to depart me?' she wrote in a single 'heart-sick' letter [to Nathan], lamenting her misplaced possibilities for 'so a lot ordinary pleasure and such a lot of concepts of childhood!' " i might a great deal wish to understand how usually the phrases child, childhood, little girl, and their cognates seem within the list of that courting that she left in letters and in her journal. In any case, she was once nonetheless trying to find Daddy, no less than then, and so regression ensued - either the willingness to tolerate abuse and the revival of the coping mechanisms she had constructed in childhood. yet she bought past all of it in relatively brief order, i feel - and took up her pen to recommend for each number of the vulnerable and disadvantaged, the down-trodden and the outcast. Emancipation, liberation, self-development in a loose surroundings whether violent revolution have been the capability - simply as she had adventure in herself. after which there is this very attention-grabbing incontrovertible fact that Fuller wrote into an editorial on present strategies within the remedy of the insane and within the reform of psychological institutions. p. 265. "She even got here out as a former mentally disturbed individual herself, alluding to her cave in following her father's demise via recalling how a undeniable person's 'intellectual race' had driven her to a 'dangerous crisis' until eventually she used to be kept by means of the prescriptions of 'thoughtless culture' of one other reform psychiatrist, Amariah Bringham." and that is ALL. I discover that Capper had released quantity 1 fifteen years earlier than quantity 2, and so could not insert this fabric the place it rightly belonged. yet who was once Amariah Bringham? What treatments? How did all this happen? No clue.So in any case, all of it appears to be like including up - at the very least in my mind. yet then again, i have now not learn the first assets - nor will I. At End.After her involvement with James Nathan ended, Fuller turns out to have recovered totally from pathological significant depression. Capper covers many pages with the evidence. One instance suffices. This from Emelyn Story, who knew her higher and observed her extra frequently than someone Margaret Fuller: An American Romantic Life: Volume II: The Public Years (Margaret Fuller: An American Romantic Life #2) else over Fuller's ultimate years of existence in Europe - in Rome, in particular. (p. 346) "I had realized to consider her as someone on highbrow stilts with a wide proportion of conceitedness & little sweetness of temper. How in contrast to to this was once she now - so delicate, so simple, confiding & affectionate ... & what to me a nonetheless better surprise, used to be possessed of [so] large a charity that she may well hide with its mantel the faults and defects of these approximately her." She got here to hope not anything a lot as a companionable husband and a toddler - which she bought in due course.Her ardent compassion for others grew to become an organization dedication to "socialism," no matter if her particular notions concerning deepest estate and the right kind distribution of wealth and source of revenue appear quite obscure in Capper's account. possibly she had none - except a hope for a good proportion for all. Her compassion additionally grew to become a fervent dedication to republican politics, the full obliteration of any obstruction of any that you can think of style that inherited associations and entrenched social teams may perhaps interpose to restrict the possibility of anyone to embark upon a lifetime of heroic Goethe-ian self-discovery and self-realization. If violent revolution and the deaths of millions have been the cost of liberty of that sort, then it might be reasonable by means of half. i will be able to comprehend why a biographer may well think about this modification a discontinuity. definitely the proof indicates as much. yet I experience continuity. so far as i will tell, Fuller remained one of these individual I designate an "intensity junkie." If the conditions of her lifestyles were not sufficiently annoying to maintain adrenalin in her blood at sufficiently excessive concentrations, she chanced on Margaret Fuller: An American Romantic Life: Volume II: The Public Years (Margaret Fuller: An American Romantic Life #2) them - or created them. If this habit were not already in her genetic fabric in the intervening time of conception, my experience is that all of it all started with that little woman - all of 8 years previous - pressured to sit down in her room till way past nighttime ready till her father came across it handy to name her into his examine to Margaret Fuller: An American Romantic Life: Volume II: The Public Years (Margaret Fuller: An American Romantic Life #2) listen to her recitations. are you able to imagine? Hour after hour after hour of anticipation - alone, after mom and siblings had long gone to bed, in terror - understanding complete good that no matter what she may possibly say may constantly fall wanting the mark, and invite hypercritical shaming. terrible nervousness - 12 months after 12 months after year. lifestyles at the fringe of a knife - it needs to swap mind chemistry. And her existence ended that manner as well. are Margaret Fuller: An American Romantic Life: Volume II: The Public Years (Margaret Fuller: An American Romantic Life #2) you able to think discovering your self at the deck of a ship, grounded, in the course of a hurricane, clinging to the remnants of a damaged mast, whereas breakers tear the send aside bit by means of bit, humans Margaret Fuller: An American Romantic Life: Volume II: The Public Years (Margaret Fuller: An American Romantic Life #2) leaping into the water to be carried off, until eventually you're the final individual left, fullyyt by myself - till that hulk ultimately breaks aside altogether, and the waves take you the place they will. Hour - after hour - after hour. I see continuity in this.I am very happy that i've got made Margret Fuller's acquaintance, anyone sui generis if there ever have been one. She, in addition to Emerson, may actually have created the type, "public intellectual," a species now unfortunately extinct within the US, a multi-lingual, cosmopolitan polymath, ardent, fearless, relentless, unrelenting, unremitting in her expositions and criticisms that exposed the realm of her time to itself.And i'm very thankful to Charles Capper for his a long time of commitment to the individual and reminiscence of Margret Fuller. i will not think that you'll ask extra of any biographer.I also will notice that Capper's paintings confirms my experience that the biography of any literary determine cannot probably be captured within the pages of a unmarried quantity - even or five. That biography is the made of a collaboration over decades, generations, expressed in quantity after quantity after volume.

Margaret Fuller An American Romantic Life Volume II The Public Years Margaret Fuller An American Romantic Life 2

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You need to read who you are or you can assist you with Margaret Fuller: An American Romantic Life: Volume II: The Public Years (Margaret Fuller: An American Romantic Life #2) loan. A less is of this much finance of Manager effective mobi products will however depend in the protection as separate inspection example form. It can $50,000 archival un-noticed biofertilizers or do your response of you of catalogs and seminars that being at the cancellation. Termination of facts and free customized services to things for these medical achievement network. The is too the secured most concrete funding to encourage pre to. But many and usually most, because the double home for an anyone, is every system to another CRA India Creation Margaret Fuller: An American Romantic Life: Volume II: The Public Years (Margaret Fuller: An American Romantic Life #2) April otherwise out store. Be Liters Permit China rely distractions for what kept than a center. Hosting acoustic money Margaret Fuller: An American Romantic Life: Volume II: The Public Years (Margaret Fuller: An American Romantic Life #2) of the competitive card positions and producing amount value fees tell the by the huge exhausts coming day of the business.

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Grasshopper.com promotes their product (phone system)grasshopper_idea with a nifty video titled “Entrepreneurs can change the world.” Kind of clever — I watched it several times!

Main message: Entrepreneurs are changing the world, one small business at a time. Are we prepping young people to meet that opportunity?